Shall we make an acquaintance with our new friends?

First, we are introducing Charles the Truck. Charles the Truck specializes in road freight, named after the famous American actor, Charles Bronson who has often donned the role as a tough policeman fighting against the bad guys. He loves long road trips and enjoys sightseeing.

Now we have Wilbur the Plane. Wilbur The Plane specializes in air shipping and takes his name from Wilbur Wright, one of the Wright Brothers. He is famous for inventing, building, and flying the world’s the first successful motor-operated airplane, the Wright Flyer. Wilbur sure does love traveling.

And Ferdie the Ship is named after Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. He is famous for discovering the interoceanic passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, now known as the Magellan Strait. Our Ferdie is into overseas cargo shipping, and he loves to explore the high seas and play with whales in the open oceans.

Last but not least, it is Pack Packs. Now, Pack Pack’s language does not make sense to us, but it resembles the sound of a packed object within it. Pack Packs represent the boxes and packaging that is an integral part of the logistics industry, without which nothing can happen in cargo movement.

So, why are we going to have these mascots?

A Mascot, also known as a spokescharacter, works as an excellent branding tool that can increase our company’s recognition and service offerings. Our mascots will help us connect with our target audience as they help them better identify, remember, and understand our company and products and generate interest and increase exposure.

Unlike spokespeople who will age, mascots are ageless brand representatives that help our audience develop a closer relationship with CSS and our service offerings. Good mascots are memorable with an innate ability to work their way into the public consciousness. They will become an instantly recognizable symbol of the CSS service offerings. We sure know that our mascots will be well-loved by one and all.

So, let us have a chit-chat with our new friends and get to know them better as they become the face of CSS from here on out,