Onam is a time of joy and renewal, a beautiful blend of history, mythology, and cultural heritage. It exemplifies the spirit of unity and togetherness, allowing people to come together to celebrate their shared identity and create cherished memories. Onam, the splendid harvest festival of Kerala, holds profound cultural and spiritual significance for the people of Kerela. More than just a celebration, Onam is a time-honoured tradition that carries a multitude of meanings, reflecting the values, history, and unity of the community.

Onam is a vibrant and culturally rich festival celebrated with great enthusiasm in the southern Indian state of Kerala. This annual harvest festival holds deep significance for the people of Kerala, bringing together communities from all walks of life to rejoice in a spirit of unity, tradition, and merriment. It is a time when homes are adorned with intricate floral designs known as “pookkalam,” creating a colorful and welcoming ambiance. Traditional rituals, music, dance, and elaborate feasts are integral parts of the festivities.

This year, CSS group is hosting a pookalam competition among all its branches on September 9th 2023. The rules of the competition are simple. The pookalam has to be created on the day of the competition and not in advance. Also, the ornate designs must be created only with natural flower petals and not with any artificial color powder. Props related to the theme of Onam are allowed in the competition. The winner of the pookalam competition will take home the prestigious Mahabali’s Crystal Award from the previous year’s winners.

The CSS group will also carry out games like Vadam Vali (Tug of War), where teams pull a rope in opposite directions, aiming to bring the other team across a designated line. Thumbi Thullal or folk dance involves women dressed in traditional attire dancing in a circle, accompanied by melodious songs. In the pot breaking game called Uriyadi blindfolded participants try to break a pot filled with goodies using a stick. CSS employees are always excited to play these games.

These games not only add a sense of joy and festivity to Onam but also serve as a means of preserving and passing down traditional skills and values from one generation to the next. They embody the spirit of unity, competitiveness, and cultural pride that define the essence of Onam celebrations.

In essence, Onam is a celebration that encapsulates the values of gratitude, unity, cultural pride, and the joy of communal harmony. It serves as a powerful reminder of the ties that bind people together and highlights the enduring beauty of tradition and heritage in an ever-evolving world.