CSS Projects

CSS Projects, Oil and Energy division has always been exceptional when it comes to handling specialized shipments of huge volume. On 13th November 2010, 9:30 AM the vessel VEESHAM OAK berthed Jebel Ali Port ready to load the cargo to Mostaghanem, Algeria. The collection of the shipment was from three different locations in the UAE (Dubai, Jebel Ali & Mafraq) which was done over a period of 2 days. Loading of 3205 CBM was a critical operation which lasted for 8 hours and was closely supervised till the end by CSS Projects, Oil and Energy division staff at the prime location. The 11 RORO equipment inclusive of 4 trucks were loaded on the Main deck and the rest 21 static units which included spare parts, frames and other equipments where loaded on the weather deck. At the end of the day it was yet another achievement for CSS Group and also a milestone for the Projects, Oil and Energy division.