Onam is a vibrant and culturally significant festival celebrated in Kerala. It marks the harvest season and is a time of immense joy and togetherness for the people of Kerala. The festival typically lasts ten days and is characterized by colourful floral decorations, traditional music and dance performances like Kathakali, and the famous snake boat races.

One of the highlights of Onam is the grand feast, known as the Onam Sadhya, where a variety of delicious vegetarian dishes are served on a banana leaf. The festival is also associated with the legend of King Mahabali, whose annual visit to Kerala during Onam symbolizes the spirit of unity and equality. It is a time when families come together to celebrate their rich cultural heritage and create lasting memories.

During Onam, giving holds a special significance in Kerala’s cultural celebration. It reflects the spirit of generosity and unity that this festival embodies. During Onam, people often engage in acts of charity and giving, known as “Onam Seva.” As people unite in celebration, the importance of generosity and mutual support is highlighted.

This may include donating food, clothing, or money to the less fortunate, visiting orphanages, and participating in various philanthropic activities. It’s a time when the community comes together to share their blessings with those in need, emphasizing the values of compassion and solidarity that are at the core of Onam’s traditions.

In doing so, the tradition of giving during Onam not only enriches the recipients’ lives but also deepens the sense of joy and fulfillment among the contributors, making the festival a truly heartwarming and meaningful celebration. At CSS, we wanted to showcase the spirit of giving this Onam, by presenting the staff of CSS with Onam clothes. These gifts were presented by our chairman T.S Kaladharan, Mr. Fida Asghar and Mr. Don Raveendran.

This thoughtful act not only acknowledged the significance of the Onam festival but also demonstrated a strong sense of respect for our workforce. By providing Onam clothes, our Chairman T.S Kaladharan, not only promoted a sense of unity among employees but also contributed to fostering a positive work environment, where traditions and celebrations are valued and celebrated together. This kind gesture showcased our leadership’s commitment to employee well-being, making it a meaningful and memorable moment for all. The clothes presented to our staff will be worn by them during the Onam celebrations at CSS.