Chairman’s Message

There is a saying that when times are hard true friends recognise each other. During turbulent times of recession our friends have supported CSS making 2010 a wonderful year for our group.  I would like to express my thanks to everyone in the knowledge that we have equally endeavoured to recognise and service your needs and hopefully exceeded your expectations. The relentless effort and enthusiasm shown by all our employees for achieving the goals, which help both you and CSS prosper, is to be applauded. I extend my thanks and congratulations to all the CSS team.

I believe that 2011 will bring a new optimism and a more amenable climate for the industry as a whole. Within CSS we need to ensure that our clients and associates are welcomed into a cordial and responsive atmosphere. By being more effective and enhancing our key internal strengths, I am confident my vision of opportunity and optimism will be achieved.

Over the past years we have been successful in honouring our commitments and gaining respect for the CSS family, amongst the shipping and logistics community. We have also not been complacent in our desires to support our corporate social responsibilities. May good fortune be with us so we may expand our efforts on behalf of the needy and deserving in society.

As we enter 2011, at CSS we recognise that by continually seeking to discover and refresh our ideas, we are proactive in focusing our efforts to achieve success. Enriched by this and similar experiences we will continue to demonstrate that, not only by words but also by our actions and services, we will enter 2011 with a spirit of great optimism.

I convey my sincere thanks and best wishes to you for New Year 2011.

Lighthouse FOCUS

It is probably always true that when you see an idea grow into success you feel a happy sense of achievement.  It is this feeling which should encourage us all to keep trying and developing.  “Lighthouse” began as a normal newsletter which became well patronised by our readers. The result is that it has become a prominent bi-monthly magazine in the “Shipping and Logistics” industry. To build on this success, I would like to introduce, as a New Year gift, another novel initiative “Lighthouse FOCUS”. The main aim of “Focus” will be to give in-depth coverage to every C.S.S. department and division.  “Focus” will zoom into all departments and divisions highlighting their activities and events. I am confident that this new opportunity to know us better will be well accepted by all our readers and well wishers making this a grand success.