Chairman’S Message

T S Kaladharan


It is in challenging times that the true merit of a company comes shining through. Whilst there has been a general sluggish trend in our industry, the past few months have proved to be really encouraging for CSS Group because we have been successfully creating a road map for areas of development.  This has not happened by accident but by sticking to demonstrably ethical principles and a belief in our management and staff.
In this context the current buzz phrase is ‘customised development of talent’. This is something we have been doing, within CSS, for years. Its present-day title only recently came into prominence but, ensuring that the right people are in the right roles and have the right capabilities; has always been part of our ethos. By keeping open continuous dialogue between management and staff, so that everyone feels engaged and recognises that their role is appreciated, raises mutual benefits for all of us. By encouraging opportunities to promote, from within our company, also significantly increases the likelihood of achieving ones goals.
A recent study revealed that many companies, who proved to be initially successful, degenerated over the years either because of bad management, poor managerial practices or a combination of both.  Within CSS, over the past twenty years, by applying the principles of customised development of talent we have successfully created a team of leaders. Our staff efficiency and trust worthiness is well known throughout the industry. This is why our identification of growth opportunities deserves acclaim.
We have made significant progress in the UAE. Furthermore as part of expanding our wings; CSS will soon have an operational presence in both Muscat and Qatar. I am confident that we can keep this pace going forward.  Undoubtedly an ability to engage all staff equally and responsively, an aspect that is ingrained in our philosophy, will spur us onwards towards new horizons.